Maria Greco Naccarato

Food Photography // Food Stylist // Portrait

Risotto close up

About me

I can’t see myself just as a food photographer, I’m a hungry passionate food expert and chef*

Born and raised in Milan, now based in Paris, I’ve been working as private chef, food stylist and finally food photographer with renowned chefs, magazines and food brands during the last 20 years

Food photography is the final destination of a long journey, shared with my clients, where we draw out the value of food whether in a recipe or a photograph, to take simple raw ingredients and transform them into a cohesive narrative.

Here are my values:

Food is an important form of communication, expression, seduction and the foundation of relationshps.
Food is welcoming but also sharing roots, belonging and identity
Food is always a story that need to be told, carefully and wisely to express its value and uniqueness

*Graduated with honors at the prestigious École Ducasse